Woven construction is the oldest method of textile production. In the weaving process, pile yarns are intricately interlaced into the foundation, creating a structure whereby backing and face yarns become one. The art of weaving also creates a denser face con- struction than tufted carpet for enhanced appearance retention. Time has proven that woven carpet outperforms any other construction.

Precision in perfection: The unique weaving technique in combination with a fine, shiny yarn creates an original structure which is a highlight for aesthetes and purists. The weave structure fascinates with a homogenous woven look which has a special effect in interaction with the design. The woven material’s easy to care for and dirt-resistant properties are the result of the high-quality Polyester fibers which give the flat-weave material a highly durable surface and full object-suitability.

Woven is inherently stronger than any other carpet construction. Its longer life cycle stretches your investment further, offering a significant cost savings over time. Woven carpet is also more sustainable, using less nylon and performing 300% longer than other carpet constructions before replacement. That means less energy is required to make and haul replacement carpet, and less waste goes to our landfills. In addition, all of our woven carpet qualifies for  recycling program, meaning all of our carpet can be processed into raw material for other products to reduce environmental impact.