Creating solutions that meet specific conditions demanded by our client’s design and budget requirements is always the primary focus at The YOUB floors. The importance we place on allowing our clients the ability to transform their most creative concepts into beautiful realities is never more evident than with our Digital  Printed Carpets.

Our digital printed carpets are produced on some of the most advanced systems in the world. Radically different from all other methods of carpet printing, digital inkjet machines do not require screens. They are  revolutionary in their ability to produce unlimited pattern repeats and allows for unlimited colours per design. With such flexibility there is little or no restrictions in design and most importantly our inkjet printers don’t have standard colour banks, therefore we can match exact colours to the client’s palettes and Pantone shades.

In addition to the colour and design flexibility of inject printing, another important factor is the precise printing capability of the machinery. The carpet is stationary when the printing process takes place, leading to supreme accuracy of design, especially important when multi-width matching is required. Deepest colour penetration and excellent print resolution are the result of electronics, mechanics and chemistry.