Youb Team

When we are proud of something, we revere it with a heightened level of esteem. We may give pride of place to something special in our lives, or we may take pride in our work or personal endeavors. To do so, we need to identify and recognize our core values articulated in the things we love and the tasks we accomplish, and how those values are shaped and shared by those around us. Design translates these beliefs into spaces that foster a sense of togetherness — where we feel understood and enriched by how we live, work, and play. No detail is too small in demonstrating these values — the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Which is why, as priorities and demands shift rapidly in the world of commercial business and hospitality, it’s more important than ever to maintain a recognizable, human foundation to ground us in the spaces in which we feel proud to inhabit. We developed this platform to easily help you create spaces that encourage collaboration, radiate warmth, and deliver a lasting impression. youb floors creates flooring solutions that lend an air of intimacy and acoustic protection to workspaces, public spaces and a wide variety of environments, while at the same time creating an inspiring, vibrant sense of place.